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The Necessities of Life: DOTA

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I don't have much time right now so I can't give a game review but I was just wondering if you guys think a DOTA blog would be cool? Having played dota for years, I know all about the heroes, item builds, strategies, etc... but there is always something more to learn, especially for people who don't play as often.

I figured I could start a DOTA blog where I blog different heroes and how I prefer to play them, different match ups in lanes I like, and overall strategy in general

lemme know what you think!


poopstm said...

DOTA :o :o :o
(do you know basshunter ??)
comme view my wallpaper :) ;)

Jackson Magest said...

I love basshunter :) said...

Hey bro, just stopping by to say hi :)

Ponyninja said...

I LOVE DOTA! But I play HoN :O